Here you can find downloadable firefighter training resources. We allow you to use these and download them free of charge. We post firefighter training articles, quick guides, training sheets, charts and much more for you to download.  Many of these articles have corresponding firefighter training videos that go along with the material.  These videos are under our "Videos" tab.  You can also go to our YouTube channel to see many more training videos.  Some of the below articles are written by friends of ours who share the same passion for training and education in the fire service.  We thank them for contributing and hope you enjoy these resources.  Comment below if you have any particular topics you would like more information on.  

Pump Operator Training Packet

Determining Flow Through Nozzle Reaction - Executive Fire Officer Program ARP - Matt Hinkle

Evaluating Cancer Risk Reduction Curriculum at the Mississippi State Fire Academy - Executive Fire Officer Program ARP - Matt Hinkle

1956 FDIC Proceedings

Hose Dreams - Dennis Legear

Nozzle Dreams - Dennis Legear

Generation Why? - Part 1 - Russell McCullar

Generation Why? - Part 2 - Russell McCullar

Hand Method for Friction Loss - Wes Anderson

Friction Loss for Beginners - Wes Anderson

Firefighter Escape Systems - Robert Kramer

Boise, ID AAR

Calling the MAYDAY

Positional Assignments

The Extended Attack

The Hose Bundle

Box Alarm Friction Loss

Firefighter Survival Techniques - Robert Kramer

Instructor Biography - Matt Hinkle

Social Media for Firefighters

YouTube Guide for Instructors

North Mississippi Emerald Society Application