training video playlists

Below you will see several playlists we have produced on our YouTube channel. We use playlists to organize our training videos so that you can find training resources that fit your needs. New videos are added on a regular basis and if you want to see the newest videos as they come out make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Firefighter Training

The Firefighter Essentials playlist has many fundamental firefighter training videos. This playlist covers many topics like tactical considerations, techniques and skill sets. 

Nozzle Air Entrainment

Pump Operator Training

The Pump Operator Training Series was put together to provide you with a foundation for understanding the basic formulas you need to know to understand pump operations. 

Nozzle Series

The Nozzle Air Entrainment playlist provides footage from several tests we filmed. We produced this series to provide an in depth look at nozzle operations and interior attack considerations.

intro to drone ops

The Nozzle Series was produced to provide firefighters with an understanding of the primary nozzle types. We discuss nozzle selection and advantages and disadvantages of different nozzles, flow rates and pressures. 

firefighter survival

The Drone Operations series is a step by step introduction for emergency services drone operations. 

Rope Rescue

The Rope Rescue playlist has many videos on topics like patient packaging, mechanical advantage and knot tying.

The Firefighter Survival playlist has several training videos specifically related to firefighter survival and rescue.