Budget Battles

Mutual Aid for Memphis

Memphis Firefighters Memphis firefighters have had their share of struggles throughout the past few years. The economic climate has led to station brownouts and company closures.  Now the City of Memphis is attacking the benefits provided for members and retirees. Over the past few years I have had the privilege of meeting, riding and training with members of Rescue 3 in Memphis and I cannot express to you the commitment they have to protecting their citizens. These members are extremely busy and fight working fires nearly everyday.

Lt. Dan Harris and Clay Short of Memphis Rescue 3.

It amazes me to see the latest solutions to the city's budget problems is to push the financial burden onto the very people that work to protect it. These members have already sacrificed so much for the city and now they are hitting their personal finances. I know of several Memphis firefighters who have had major surgeries and injuries due to the work they perform. These same members have witnessed LODD's and felt the impact we never want to experience. Here is a video reporting the issues from Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee The financial impact of firefighter's insurance premiums is utterly shocking.

  • Basic Plan Family premiums will rise from $320.05 per month to $921.90; an annual cost of $11,062.80.
  • Premier Plan premiums rise from $334.32 per month to $1,328.19; an annual cost of $15,938.28.

These numbers are hard to fathom and during all of these budget battles the City of Memphis is moving forward with a $66 million dollar mall redevelopment...

So how can you help our brothers to provide mutual aid for Memphis. Share this information with anyone you know in the Memphis area, help educate the public on what is happening to their firefighters and police officers and join the I Have Been Negatively Affected by The City Of Memphis Council Vote!! Facebook page for more information.