FDIC 2014

BullEx Live Fire Demonstrations at FDIC 2014


Pressure Vessel Prop I put together a few quick clips from the FDIC 2014 BullEx live fire demonstrations for you to see. They showed off their Gas-Fired training props and their Digital Fire training props. During the live fire demonstration you can see them attacking a pressurized vessel fire simulating something like a propane tank with a pop-off valve. You will also see them entering a structural fire prop with a Gas-Fired prop on the first floor and a Digital Fire prop on the second floor. The BullEx Digital Fire training system uses a screen to produce the "fire" image and a smoke machine to generate the smoke inside the structure. You can use a nozzle to attack the fire and the screen senses the flow and will dim as you extinguish it. It produces a very realistic look inside when combined with the smoke generator.

Dumpster Prop

Gas Grill Prop









BullEx also had their dumpster and grill live fire props for you to view. These are propane fired props controlled remotely. Lastly, take a look at the inside view of the new digital fire training system.

FDIC 2014 Recap


For those of you unable to attend FDIC 2014 I have put together a summary of the events, innovations and must see apparatus that caught my eye. During FDIC it seems as though the entire city of Indianapolis is transformed into a place no cop should have to go... Let's start with a few of my favorite apparatus at this years conference.  Columbus, Ohio had a very functional pumper built by Sutphen and spec'd by some guys that really thought out their tactics.  Low hose beds are a favorite with me along with tool accessibility.  Charlotte, NC also brought unique design specs into the construction of their pumper built by Smeal.  You will notice it carries two ladder racks, double decker rear hose bed storage, and some very specific mounting options for tools and equipment.  Lastly, Dekalb County, GA put together a really well designed pumper built by Pierce Mfg.  It features a very low hose bed, front suction, side ladder storage with step-ups to access.  Take a look at the gallery and comment below to let us know what you think. [flagallery gid=3]


The next gallery features several innovations that we saw at the exhibit halls.  You will see an assortment of interesting products and design ideas.


[flagallery gid=4]


On Friday night we attended the Firefighter Turnout hosted by Paratech Fire & Rescue EquipmentAmkusTECGEN XTREMEBlack Diamond Fire and Fire Cam Police and Fire Cameras.  We had a blast and had the opportunity to meet several fire service social media giants and product designers like Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic), Willie Wines Jr. (Iron Fireman), Andrew Catron (Model City Firefighter), Isaac Frazier (Tactical Advantage Training), Paul Hasenmeier (First Due Tackle) and Rob Shield (Fire Cam).


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Thank you to all we met and we hope to meet you again soon.