Night on Fire | MS State Fire Academy

During each recruit course at the Mississippi State Fire Academy a “Night Burn” training session is conducted. During this night burn family and friends are welcomed to see the recruits in action and it signifies a large step of completion within their training process. This is the moment the recruits get “passed the hump” of their training to receive the NFPA 1011-I-II Certification in the state of Mississippi.

LP Live Fire - Helmet Cam Footage


Check out this helmet cam footage from the Mississippi State Fire Academy during a recruit class Night Burn. This is filmed from a helmet cam attached to an instructor during the LP live fire training for the NFPA 1001-I-II basic recruit course. During the evolutions students learn to control and isolate valves for LP fire events and also fight a simulated vehicle fire. You will see a highlight reel from three different burn props; the Vehicle Fire, "Christmas Tree", and the Pump Flange.

Video was shot with a Fire Cam Mini HD helmet cam.

The footage you saw was filmed at the Mississippi State Fire Academy's LP Live Fire area which consists of five large concrete pads designed specifically to prevent environmental contamination.  These training areas include: a fifty foot flowing fuel fire (LP gas Christmas Tree fire); LP gas tank fire; LP gas tank fire; pump seal fire; twenty foot vertical tank fire with exposures; horizontal tank fire with an exposed small tank truck; and a three story evolution simulating a chemical processing plant fire.

The Mississippi State Fire Academy is located just outside the capitol City of Jackson in Rankin County, Mississippi, on eighty five acres. The Academy features a Fire Research Building which simulates a three-story residential structure with an attic, and a commercial structure with a basement.  The building contains over 4,000 square feet of training space and is equipped with five computer controlled fire/smoke rooms and a Class A burn room with a liquid propane gas fueled fire simulator.  A four (4) story drill tower is also attached to the burn area.  

The campus also features a five-story Drill Tower which provides opportunities for high-rise ladder, rope and firefighting operations.  In addition to this tower, there is a communications tower erected for training purposes. There is also a Hazardous Materials training site consisting of a large train derailment simulation with eleven cars.  Railcars are movable and the training site is piped with liquid/vapor propane for simulated fires and leak simulators.