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The HALO Hood is a new firefighting hood designed by Majestic Fire Apparel. The HALO Hood stemmed from recent research on the prevalence of cancer among firefighters. Typical hoods offer limited protection from particle infiltration which results in particles making their way through your hood and onto your skin where absorption can take place. The HALO Hood has a built in particle barrier in key places throughout the hood. The hood features panels of protection placed in key areas in order to create a balance of comfort and protection. This hood offers significant levels of thermal protection, higher than most hoods on the market. You can view the detailed TPP ratings from the Majestic Fire Apparel website. Check out our video below to see the review. You can also visit for more information.

HALO Hood Review Video

Majestic Fire Hoods - Review


Our latest product review video features the Majestic Fire Apparel fire hoods. Majestic Fire Apparel manufactures a very wide variety of different style hoods with different materials. Take a look at the video below and then we provide some additional information if you continue reading.

Majestic Fire Hoods come in three primary styles; the PAC I, PAC II, and PAC III. The PAC I provides a length of 19" where the PAC II extends the overall length to 21". If you are looking for a little extra coverage the PAC III will provide you with 21" overall length and a little extra width to cover your upper shoulders.

PAC II-SVZMajestic Fire Hoods are sewn with flat seams. This helps keep the seams from rubbing your neck or anywhere else the fabric is joined together. You can order their hoods with a single center seam over the top of your head or a double seem which gives you a panel of material on the top of the head instead of a seam. You can also order a Strategic Vent Zone (SVZ) hood which replaces that top panel with a ventilation panel to improve evaporation performance in order to keep you cooler.

MM4 LayersLastly, choosing the fabric material will help you tailor the hood to meet your needs. I typically prefer the C6 material due to it's high Thermal Protective Performance (TPP). I have also really enjoyed the Rayon/Kevlar hood with the additional C6 upper. The highest thermal protection offered lies in their MM4/FYR-HAWK (Moisture Membrane) which exceeds 60 TPP. The MM4 provides protection through 3 layers of C6 material and 1 layer of Melange to provide the moisture membrane. You can see all of the performance specifications by visiting their website here.

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