helmet cam footage

Helmet Cam Highlight Reel from Box Alarm Training


We have compiled some Helmet Cam footage and made a highlight reel for you to check out.  Don't forget to look at our other videos and feel free to share them. Helmet Camera Footage from Matt Hinkle and Taylor Marks. Music by: Fallout Boy, "Light em up"

Camera used is the Fire Cam Mini HD. You can purchase one of these cameras at: www.firevideo.net

Electrical Hazards


As firefighters we respond to many incidents where down power lines become an issue.  This video is a reminder that power lines can energize fences, structural components, water, etc.  Always use caution around these lines and evaluate your incidents constantly.  At this recent mobile home fire; firefighters were performing an attack when the service line at the rear of the structure fell and began arcing against the mobile home.  This could have caused the entire metal framed mobile home to become energized.  All firefighters were notified on radio and face to face to ensure they were aware of the hazard.  This was already a defensive fire so it was decided to back away from the structure until the power company could safely disconnect the line.