Iron Fox Axe - Product Review


Check out our latest product review of the Iron Fox Axe. This axe has caught the attention of many especially with it's "battle axe" look. Once you look past the aggressive aesthetics you will find several nice features. If you would like more info about the Iron Fox Axe take a look at their website:

Halligan Tuning Guide - Search and Destroy Training


S&D LogoMany of you probably saw this guide floating around on Facebook but this is by far one of the best tool guides I have ever seen. This piece of work does not surprise me because it came from Search and Destroy Training. S&D has been my go to for tools and questions regarding their specifics. They have graciously provided us with a pdf version of the guide for you all to use. You can find the guide below but we also wanted to provide you with several other links to get to their training resources. Search and Destroy's Website

Search and Destroy on YouTube

Search and Destroy on Facebook


Halligan Tuning Guide Photo

S&D Tool Flier

The Rescue Wedge


The Rescue WedgeIt has been said many times before, that having single firefighter forcible entry skills becomes a force multiplier on the fireground. This wedge was developed by Jared Ford and Wesley Porter and made in the U.S.A. Using a machined wedge can help tremendously when trying to gap a door by yourself. We have been testing out the Rescue Wedge and will be producing a product review video in the near future. Until then you can get more info off of their Website and their Facebook Page. Check out this video and see what you think.

Forcible Entry - Shaving Bolts vs. Plunge Cutting


The guys at Irons and Ladders have put together a nice forcible entry video about the advantages and disadvantages of shaving bolt heads and plunge cutting. Identifying those bolt heads on the exterior of a door immediately let you know of the potential for alternative locking mechanisms. Identifying these features can make a dramatic difference in your time to force entry. Check out their video below.

Break the Glass They said, It will work They said...


Breaking the glass on a commercial door is not always an option. Remember there are many huge disadvantages to breaking the glass out of a commercial storefront door.  You will also run into doors like the one above; this door has additional security measures attached to the door.  Gapping a commercial aluminum door can be challenging, especially if it has a deep set mortise lock.  One option is to start at the bottom and gap as much as possible to use a rescue saw.  You can cut the bolt but it will take a little while considering the hardened steel.  Another option is go through-the-lock.  Through-the-lock methods are often not understood or practiced due to a lack of training and understanding.  An educated firefighter can generally perform a through-the-lock method faster than a conventional forcible entry method on these doors.  If you are still one to say "Just Break the Glass", then consider the other implications.  Not all doors that look like this have glass in them, some are lexan.  Many doors have either interior or exterior bars that will hinder your entry even if you do break the glass.  Finally, if you decide to take the glass you have just removed your shield of protection should the fire take a turn for the worst.  A wide open entry with no ability to shut the door can cause ventilation problems among other things.  If you were to break the glass on an interior entry, then you have dramatically effected your ability to create a barrier to hold back the fire's progress.