New Shirts are Here!


ShirtsThe new shirts are here! We now have 3 shirts in our online store and each purchase helps support our mission of providing free training resources to firefighters. We even have one shirt created to help fund men's cancer research and awareness. To see more info about the new shirts you can check them out by clicking here. You can also see the shirts below with a short description:





Box Alarm Shirt Front











The Keep Calm Firefighter Shirt











The Firefighter Mustache Shirt.

NFFF Cold Water Challenge!


Here is my version of the National Fallen Firefighter's Foundation "Cold Water Challenge". The concept is to challenge five of your friends in order to raise money for a charity of your choice. Instructor Mike Word and myself were challenged by two firefighters in Mississippi; Chris Johnson (Southaven FD) and Mike Hancock (Walls FD). If you accept the NFFF cold water challenge you donate $10 to the NFFF. If you do not accept you are supposed to donate $100 to the NFFF. I decided to challenge the Alabama Fire College, TEEX Fire and Emergency Training, South Carolina Fire Academy, LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute, and John Russell of the Mississippi State Fire Marshall's Office. We had a great time participating in this event and look forward to more of them.


Here are some pictures from our challenge:

Mike Word and Matt Hinkle









NFFF Cold Water Challenge

Carabiner Quick Tip


IMG_0697 A friend of mine taught me this tip a long time ago and I have used it ever since.  Many people who work around rope on a regular basis will mark their equipment with color coded tape.  This helps you identify who the gear belongs to.  Also, if you tape a carabiner you can tape the spine toward the gate opening end.  This way when you reach to grab a carabiner with one hand you will know which way the gate opens.  This is extremely helpful on symmetrically shaped carabiners since it is hard to tell sometimes.  The above Carabiner is a pear shape and you can tell that the tape mark indicates the gate opens directly across from the tape.