Ladders for Life!


E-One 100' PlatformAfter the recent incredible ladder rescue in Houston, TX we decided to bring back a ladder training video we made last summer.  Whether you use aerial ladders, aerial platforms or ground ladders; raising ladders is a fundamental skill that all firefighters need to practice.  Just because you trained on how to properly raise a ladder during your basic training does not mean you are good at raising ladders.  This is a skill that needs to be practiced and rehearsed with your company.    


"You can stretch hose but you can't stretch ladders!"

During the rescue in Houston, TX many of you saw just how important ladder training can be.  The firefighters made it to the victim with no time to spare.  If the aerial had been positioned in a different location that rescue might have never happened.  The same is for ground ladders, if you do not get ground ladders off of the rig and in position they will not work!

Take a look at the video below and get with your crew to practice raising your ladders.  Make sure you discuss positioning, carrying, raising, extending, and tool considerations.  Ladders are very important pieces of equipment that all to often are left on the truck until we need them.