Nozzle Series - Automatic Nozzles


Automatic NozzleWe are continuing our Nozzle Series with Automatic Nozzles. The Automatic Nozzle was originally designed on a napkin and since then has been widely used throughout the country. The goal of the automatic nozzle is to provide relatively consistent nozzle pressure throughout a wide range of flows. So, you will see automatic nozzles used in many different applications including foam operations and standpipe operations. You need to thoroughly evaluate the use of an automatic nozzle in certain applications prior to using them. While the nozzle can offer several advantages like the ability to provide the pump operator with an in-line pressure regulator it can also conceal hidden flow issues because of the nozzles abilities to maintain good nozzle pressure. Adequate nozzle pressure does not necessarily equate to adequate nozzle flow. When a hose line is kinked or something happens to inhibit the amount of water moving through the line you will see no major indications on the nozzle except for a drop in nozzle reaction. You need to get out and flow these nozzles to feel the difference in adequate flow and poor flow. Check out the video below for an overview of the Automatic Nozzle: