New High-Rise Pack Innovation - QuickLay Fire Attack

IMG_2323.jpg QuickLay Fire Attack has introduced their brand new Attack Pack and Lay Pack for the American Fire Service. I had an awesome opportunity to meet and talk with Sebastian Jacobs, the Managing Director of QLFA, about his innovative high-rise pack system. Sebastian is from Australia and developed this high-rise pack after seeing the "Cleveland Load" hose lays that gained popularity in the United States. He designed a pack to not only carry the hose but to become part of a hose management system to increase efficiency on the fireground. The premise of the design is to establish two packs to deliver 200' of 1.75" hose in a variety of situations.

QLFA Attack PackThe Attack Pack is designed to carry 100' of 1.75" hose in a Cleveland Load so that you can deliver a manageable attack hose closest to your entry point. This pack can also be used for a wide variety of hose stretches we very commonly use such as the extended attack, wye'd lines, courtyard stretch, skid load, etc. The Attack Pack has no buckles or zippers and has a very streamlined designed to make carrying and advancing the hose much more efficient. With no buckles you can easily deploy the pack by pulling the "deployment strap" or with sufficient pressure the pack will self deploy when the hose line is charged. Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 4.25.32 PM

When the Attack Pack is used in situations like high-rise fires or standpipe operations you can use the Lay Pack to bring a water supply to the Attack Pack. The Lay Pack will also carry 100' of 1.75" hose but is loaded with an Accordion Load. This allows the Lay Pack to make the standpipe connection and then the hose will flake out of the pack while it is carried toward the Attack Pack.






For more information on QuickLay Fire Attack you can visit their website at