What's to Come? | Box Alarm Training 2017



It has been quite some time since I focused attention on producing more content for this website and our YouTube channel. I wanted to let everyone know what the plans will be in the near future and some of the ideas I am working on to provide more content on a consistent basis.

Upcoming Video Series

I am working on an entire video series regarding UAS (Drone) operations for Public Safety. I recently received a Part 107 Certificate from the FAA along with our agency receiving a Public COA which allows you to operate publicly. This has been a pretty confusing subject area for many of us trying to develop programs and utilize these specialized pieces of equipment.

Broadcast Style Segments

I have considered for several years hosting a news style YouTube broadcast which would invite guests onto the show for online question and answer sessions, new product releases, etc. If this is something you would enjoy seeing please let me know and I will continue with plans to make it happen.

Upcoming Reviews and Topics

There is a very high probability you will see some new product reviews from several products I have used including: MSA G1 SCBA with Thermal Imager, The Rescue Wedge, Bullard LDX Thermal Imager, Majestic Gloves, Structural Boots (Globe/Cosmos), and USAR Boots (HAIX).

Also, I am looking at several topics to cover including: The National Fire Academy, Executive Fire Officer, Social Media, Radio Communications while using an SCBA, Natural Disaster Responses and Preparation,